Commercial Case Study: 337 Harvard Street, Dorchester, MA


It’s an affordable housing three story building with six units. Built in 1899 and renovated in 1978.


System details include:

– Produces 50% of the domestic hot water use of the entire building

– Saving over 1,111 Therms per year which in the equivalent of 111,111,111 Btu’s or 32,555 kilowatt-hours.

– Array consists of 12 Apricus AP 30 collectors (360 evacuated tubes)

– Frame consists of a galvanized racking system

– Saves 13,650 pounds of carbon dioxide – equivalent of 341 mature trees

– Over the 30 year lifetime of the system will save 205 tons of CO2.


This is a commercial project funded through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council (Mass CEC) and the federal government.

The solar storage tank contains the heat exchange coils and the domestic hot water piped in reverse. The drain back tanks hold all of the glycol when the system is off or satisfied.

This project has an exterior pipe chase with one inch exterior insulation.