Commercial Case Study: Southgate Apartments, Worcester, MA



Southgate Place Apartments

140 Grand Street, Worchester, MA

Southgate is an affordable apartment community located in Worcester, MA. The property is “state of the art” new construction, consisting of 25 apartments, including one, two and three bedroom units.


System Type: Solar Thermal Hot Water
Building Use: Multi-story – 12 unit apartment building
Design Build Contractor: Renewable Energy Systems, LLC


System Description:

The system will produce an estimated 54% of the domestic hot water use for the entire building, saving over 1200 Therms per year which in the equivalent of 120,000,000 Btu’s or 35,160 kilowatt-hours.The system saves 14,742 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year or the equivalent of 368 mature trees, which means that over the 30 year propecia lifetime of the system will save 222 tons of CO2.

The array consists of 12 Apricus AP 30 collectors (360 evacuated tubes).The collectors are attached to angle iron bolted to stanchions every four feet.

This is a commercial project funded through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council (Mass CEC) and the Federal Government.