Commercial Case Study: Mass Maritime Academy, Bourne, MA



System Type: Solar Thermal Hot Water & Pool Heating
Installed: September 2015
Building Use: Athletic Facility
Design Build Contractor: Renewable Energy Systems, LLC


System Description:

Located at the University’s athletic facility, the system delivers heat to the domestic hot water and pool using 24 Apricus Evacuated Tube Collectors. The systems design allows either the pool or the DHW to be heated depending on weather conditions greatly increasing efficiency.

This project has the first Solar Thermal Revenue Grade Metering System in the State which provides extremely accurate calculations on BTU delivery to the pool and DHW. This data is displayed on a web based platform provided by Solarwave Inc. The total BTUs can then be used to determine equivalent fossil fuel savings. In addition, the system is designed to be drain-back, allowing the collectors to stay dry during times of stagnation protecting the glycol and reducing the maintenance cost.

Project was funded through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council (Mass CEC) and with a separate grant from the Mass DEP.