Residential Case Study: Nantucket, MA

Nantucket Family


System Type: Solar Hot Water (year round heating)
Installed: November 2018
Building Use: Home 
Design Build Contractor: Renewable Energy Systems, LLC


System Description:

Complete solar hot water system flush mounted on the south roof of the garage.
Three 4′ x 8′ collectors installed to take care of the family and in-house renters.

• New solar hot water collectors mounted on south facing roof
• System is drain back using propylene glycol for freeze protection
• 120 Gallon solar tank was installed in the basement mechanical room
• Solar differential controller operates the system
• Web-based monitoring 24/7 used for optimization & maintenance

Key Benefits:

• Works all year round
• 80% of the cost covered by rebates, energy credits and tax incentives
• Reduce fossil fuel usage w/ solar hot water
• Saving hundreds of dollars a year
• Less strain on existing boiler, increasing it’s longevity
• All solder joints, tight insulation connections optimizes system