Commercial Case Study: St. Mary’s Plaza, Lynn, MA



System Type: Solar Thermal Hot Water

Installed: June 2018
Building Use: Affordable Housing Apartments
Design Build Contractor: Renewable Energy Systems, LLC


Key benefits:

In a effort to keep cost down a roof-mounted system with 20 Apricus ETC-30 Collectors totaling 840 square feet was installed. The system will produce approximately 2564 Therms per year and save the property over $130k over the life of the system.

• Equivalent of 81,390+ gallons of gas saved or CO2 emissions from 90 homes reduced.

System longevity:

Important part of any system is to install proper sensors and monitoring at critical parts of the system to ensure differentials, flow and temperature are at optimum working order. Our Resol MX system controls, web-based monitoring and commercial grade flow metering is maintained 24/7. With regular monitoring and on-site maintenance a solar hot water system can last 30 years or more.