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Solar Hot Water

Commercial solar hot water has never been more affordable for business owners. The Mass Clean Energy Center has feasibility study grants and rebates up to $100,000 for Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water installations. To help ensure that solar hot water is the right investment for your business or facility, we will evaluate your site’s physical and geographical characteristics to determine proper sizing for the system and best financial payback. Our experienced system designers will design a solar hot water system customized to your exact needs. RES will perform a comprehensive analysis of the buildings hot water loads and use energy modeling to determine optimum storage and number of collectors. RES uses only the highest quality OG-100 and OG300 SRCC certified products applicable for Federal and State Tax Credits. RES provides turnkey design/build services including engineering, permitting, and rebate submittals. Once the system is installed we provide O+M manuals, web based monitoring and annual maintenance.

UMass Lowell
Constellation Energy
Jim Stack, 781-608-4273, Lowell, MA

Renewable Energy Systems (RES) LLC designed and installed a Solar Hot Water system at the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus. The system provides hot water to the Inn and Conference Center. RES performed this work on a design-build basis. They completed all the required work in a professional and timely manner. RES continues to be thorough in their follow-up and verification of savings.

I would not hesitate to use RES on future Constellation Energy projects or to recommend others utilize RES for a solar thermal project.

Sincerely, Jim Stack, P.E.

Solar Pool Heating

Commercial solar pool heating is another option to utilize renewable energy on your property. Solar zithromax pool heating is a simple and inexpensive way to keep commercial pools warm from May into September without the use of expensive gas or propane heaters.

RES will do a comprehensive site evaluation. In most cases the systems can utilize the current pool pump, reducing cost and maintenance. Solar pool heating systems can either be roof or ground mounted.

Peacock Farm Lexington, MA

Location: Lexington, MA
System Type: Solar Pool Heating
Design Building Contractor: Renewable Energy Systems LLC

System Description:
The system was installed in August 2016. It is located at a community pool in Lexington, MA. The system delivers heat to the pool using 556 sq. ft. of Aquatherm Solar Pool Panels. There was no available roof space, so a custom south facing pallet rack was created to support the Solar Pool panels. The system was designed to keep the pool warmer than what it would be without a heater by 5-8 degrees.

A solar differential controller was installed and will automatically turn the system on when the collectors are warmer than the pool. The timer on the existing pool pump is set to run from 6am-8pm daily to capture as much solar as possible.

Renewable Energy Systems, LLC
15 Marion Way
Cohasset MA 02025

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